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Rain-fed streams in the Angola highlands feed a river that flows south to reach Botswana as the Okavango.  But this is a river that through a trick of geology is destined never to reach the sea.  Instead, its waters sprawl out to form a vast inland delta that is one of the world's greatest wetlands.  The Okavango Delta is a watery Eden that gives life in abundance to the heart of the arid Botswana Kalahari.

Okavango Delta picture

"In time and with water, everything changes." Leonardo da Vinci

Botswana elephant photo
An oasis in a thirsty desert
Most of the Kalahari in southern Africa is an expansive semi-desert of ancient sands and dry savanna.  The Okavango Delta in Botswana provides a dramatic contrast by flooding the heart of the thirsty Kalahari with life-giving water.  In this sprawling oasis of more than 15,000 square kilometers, desert gives way to lush vegetation and a rich ecosystem.
Okavango Delta wildlife
African fish eagles provide a magnificent spectacle as they hunt over the delta.
Okavango hippo
Okavango Delta wildlife picture
The waters of the Okavango Delta fan out into a maze of channels that meander between forested islands.  The waters wind through dense beds of papyrus into marshes and lagoons that are festooned with water lilies.  The delta is a haven for wildlife that is sustained by the year-round abundance of water.
Okavango Delta birds Okavango Delta birds
The delta attracts stunning water birds like saddle-billed and yellow-billed storks.
A stronghold for lions
Lions prey on the herbivores that graze in the Okavango Delta.  North Botswana is now one of the last remaining major strongholds for the big cats that sit at the top of the carnivore pecking order.  Although these predators invoke both fascination and fear, they have lost most of their ancient territories in Africa at the hands of man.
Botswana lion Botswana elephant
Chobe, Botswana
Humans have decimated elephants across much of Africa.  Thankfully, huge herds can still be seen in the area of northern Botswana that encompasses the Okavango Delta and adjoining Chobe National Park.
Botswana elephant
A young elephant bathes in the Okavango Delta.  Elephants not only need water, but seem to enjoy it.
Okavango wildlife picture Okavango wildlife picture
Inquisitive kudu Red lechwe are water-loving antelopes that will bound into the Okavango marshes to escape predators.
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