Pictures of Everest and the Himalaya   Nepal EVEREST: ABODE OF SNOW
Pictures from the Nepal Himalaya near Mount Everest
Old Kathmandu
Everest: Abode of Snow
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The dramatic peaks of the Nepal Himalaya are named from the Sanskrit for 'Abode of Snow'.  These photos were taken in the Khumbu area of the Himalaya, in the shadow of Mount Everest.  This harsh but spectacular region is the home of the Sherpa people, and is an area of deep cultural and spiritual traditions. Picture from Nepal Himalaya
Picture from Nepal Himalaya
The last rays of the setting sun on Ama Dablam mountain
Picture of Mount Everest, Nepal Himalaya
Everest - The Head of the Sky
The towering peak of the world's highest mountain straddles the border between Nepal and Tibet.  Everest is known by the Nepalese as Sagarmatha ("Head of the Sky") and by the Tibetans as Chomolungma ('Mother Goddess of the World').
The home of the Sherpas
Many people of the Khumbu region of the Nepal Himalaya are devout Buddhists whose compassionate beliefs shape their lives.  In villages and alongside trails are prayer flags that cast mantras into the wind, carved mani stones and symbolic chortens.  Remote Buddhist monasteries and gompas in these high places are a riot of colorful decoration, artifacts and statues.
Rock paintings, Nepal himalaya
Colorful rock paintings are evidence of the devout local culture.
Buddhist prayer stones
The mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum' on prayer stones.  The prayer invokes the blessings of the essence of Chenrezig, the Buddha who embodies compassion.
Buddhist chorten in the Himalaya near Mount Everest
A Buddhist chorten alongside a mountain path in the Khumbu.
Picture of Everest from Tengboche.
View from Tengboche Monastery as the sun sets on the towering 8848 meter peak of Everest and the Nuptse-Lhotse ridge. 
Himalaya photo
Moonrise behind the peak of Ama Dablam
Rock paintings, Nepal himalaya
Tengboche Monastery
Tengboche is one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in the Khumbu region of the Nepal Himalaya.   This sacred site was founded in a stunning location overlooked by Everest and other towering Himalayan peaks.  Buddhist monks at Tengboche draw much of their tradition from Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet on the north side of Everest.
Tengboche Monastery (Thyangboche) and Everest
Buddha statue, Tengboche Monastery (Thyangboche)
This statue of Sakyamuni Buddha stands two floors high and dominates the main hall at Tengboche monastery.
Buddhism was established in the Khumbu around 350 years ago by Lama Sangwa Dorje.  Construction of Tengboche Monastery began in 1916 at a site where he is said to have meditated and left an imprint of his foot in a rock.  A devastating fire in 1989 destroyed much of the monastery along with its precious scriptures, statues, carvings and murals.  Thankfully, a local and international effort allowed the monastery to be lovingly rebuilt.
Picture of Mount Everest, Nepal Himalaya.
A dramatic panorama of Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablam as the sun sets on the Himalaya
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