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Pictures of ancient Palmyra, a once-wealthy
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In the Syrian desert are the ruins of Palmyra, also known in ancient times as Tadmor.  This once-prosperous city was driven to heroic deeds and to its ultimate downfall by the ambitious dreams of Queen Zenobia.

Picture of Palmyra
Sunrise behind columns at Palmyra, a proud city famed as the 'Bride of the Desert'.
Palmyra developed at the site of a desert oasis, and first flourished in the last centuries BCE as a staging post on trade routes across the Middle East.  Under the Roman emperor Tiberius (14-37 CE), Palmyra eventually became part of the Roman province of Syria, but retained much of its autonomy.  The importance and wealth of the city continued to grow as vital trade routes were extended as far as India and China.
Photo of Palmyra
Picture of Palmyra, Syria
Towering columns of Palmyra's main colonnaded street glow orange in the early morning sun.
Photo of Palmyra, Syria
The Monumental Arch was built in the early 3rd century CE.
Palmyra photo
Ruins of Tadmor, Syria
Palmyra picture
The theater at Palmyra, built in the 1st or 2nd century CE, was one of the most magnificent in the Middle East.
The great age for Palmyra was in the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE.  The downfall of the city began when its ruler Odaenathus was assassinated and his wife Zenobia (believed by many historians to have been responsible!) gained power.  Conflict with Rome ensued after the audacious Zenobia rebelled and began expanding her power through the Middle East.  The Roman emperor Aurelian finally captured Zenobia in 272 CE and paraded her through Rome in gold chains.  Palmyra itself was taken by Aurelian the following year. 
Ruins of Tadmor, Syria Ruins of Tadmor, Syria Ruins of Tadmor, Syria
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